All-Natural Custom Tanning

The Highest Quality with Devoted Service

Each and every skin that comes to our tannery is handled with utmost respect and care. We are farmers. And we understand the time, care, and compassion that is invested in each farm, animal, and skin. You can be assured we will do everything we can to make sure you receive gorgeously-tanned, high-quality skins that will last for generations.

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Pricing Information

Skin Prices‡


Price (each)

Small Sheepskin (under 28 inches long)
Medium Sheepskin (28 inches up to 35 inches long)
Large Sheepskin (35 inches up to 47 inches long)
X-Large Sheepskin (47 or more inches long)
Any Sheepskins that take 3 or more weeks to tan
Combing or Fine Combing ($15 per 30 minute segment)
Goat Skin (added to the price of an equivalently sized sheepskin)
Rabbit Skin (minimum of 20 skins per order)
Alpaca Skin (starting price)

Add-ons (priced per skin as determined appropriate by the tanner)‡


Price (each)

Extra-long Wool (greater than 6 inches)
Felt-prone fleeces
Extra Wash (heavier than usual dirt)
Remove Tail, Leg Bone, or Other Part
Comb Already Tanned Skin
Remove Burdock or Other Matter (price per hour)
* Salt Curing (only available for animals processed at Higley Hill Meat Processing)

* Contact Higley Hill Meat Processing to learn more about this service.

‡ all prices are subject to change without notice

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    1. all custom tanning is done at your own risk
    2. VNS will only accept properly salt-cured skins
    3. specific results are not guaranteed
    4. skins sent for tanning must only be from domestic farm animals that were healthy at the time of slaughter