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“When will my sheepskins be ready?”

This is the question we get most often from our custom tanning clients, and we understand why! The answer is that this is a seasonal business so the turnaround times will vary during the year.

August – September
This is our slow season for tanning while we’re preparing for fall events like the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival. While we’re not processing as much, it can be a faster turnaround.

October – November
Custom tanning work picks up a bit as the first orders arrive. If you slaughter early (which we recommend to avoid molt) you’ll have a shorter turnaround; usually 2-3 months.

December – May
Our busy time! Expect to wait 4-6 months for your skins to be finished if you ship or drop them off during this period. The good news is you’ll receive them in plenty of time to plan your marketing strategy for fall shows and holiday markets.

June – July
While we’re still catching up, the end of the busy season is approaching and turnaround times should be a little shorter, 2-3 months.

As always, if you have questions about our custom tanning service feel free to contact us anytime.

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