All-Natural & Crafted with Love.

Natural Tanning.

For the Natural World.

We craft heirlooms.

Our ancient tanning process was born from the natural world. We use bark, salt, and other natural ingredients to tan the skins from the animals we love and respect. We honor your work and the sacrifice of each creature by pouring our attention, love, and craftsmanship into every skin in our care.

We create heirlooms that will be cherished for generations.

Derek AndersenMaster Tanner

Custom Tanning

We are now accepting cured sheep, goat, rabbit, and alpaca skins for custom tanning. If you’re interested in our tanning services, please contact us below.

Vermont Natural Tanning has given our farm an incredible gift. Not only is our home adorned with incredibly soft and cozy sheepskins from the flock we love so much, but it has changed the economics of our landscape. We are able to sell the sheepskins we receive back from VNT quickly and reliably to incredibly lucrative markets. Demand is through the roof. Our customers love them.

Jesse McDougallStudio Hill